To articulate and unite an environment of public-private collaboration that, through different lines of action, generates maximum knowledge about the challenges to National Security in cyberspace, whether they are opportunities or threats, and always in collaboration with the National Cybersecurity Council.


Collaborate in the development of the National Cybersecurity Strategy and in the achievement of its objectives, by establishing public-private synergies that allow, directly or indirectly, to provide greater protection to Spanish society in its entirety.


  • Integration into the National Security System.
  • Unity of action.
  • Transparency and accessibility by all interested parties.
  • Adaptability and flexibility, allowing the Forum's activity to be articulated based on demand and identified needs.
  • Participation, open to all interested parties with the capacity to contribute, who meet the requirements to be established.
  • Multidisciplinary, integrating at least representatives of civil society, independent experts, public and private sector, academia, associations and non-profit organizations.
  • Commitment, shared responsibility and reciprocity.
  • Prioritization of its activities, which should be cross-cutting and strategic.
  • Channelling of Autonomous Community cooperation through the Sectorial Conference.